Dec 2019: 10Cast - University of Surrey Collaboration

10Cast is continuing to work with the University of Surrey to collaborate on the creation of advanced methodologies to analyse sales data and increase accuracy of forecasts.  Using the "R" programming language, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure we are enhancing the analysis of sales data to identify patterns that can increase the effectiveness of forecasting current deals.

March 2019: 10Cast - Approved for Salesforce AppExchange

10Cast is now available in the Salesforce App Exchange.  Having passed an extensive security review and company vetting by Salesforce, 10Cast can now be installed directly into customer environments from the Salesforce App Exchange.  This simple process means you could be up and running with 10Cast in minutes.

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Jan 2019: 10Cast present to PwC Customers and Executives

Last night 10Cast presented it's sales and forecast improvement solution to a room packed with over 100 execs from a variety of national and international companies as part of a PwC "Exec Evening" event.

We hope many of these organisations will consider implementing our solution to help them improve the way they manage their sales team and forecasting processes, leading them to winning more deals.

Many thanks to the PwC team for inviting us to present, and all the attendees who expressed an interest in implementing our system.

Dec 2018: 10Cast Accepted onto the PwC Scale program 

10Cast is pleased to have been awarded a place on the prestigious PwC "Scale" program. Participation in this program will provide 10Cast the opportunity to meet and pitch to an extended network of industry decision makers to drive commercial opportunities, as well as gain further insight into the businesses which we hope to serve.

Details of the program can be found here.

Joining the PwC Scale program gives 10Cast the opportunity to engage with, and pitch to,  key industry experts, enabling our next stage of growth .

Stephen Jones


10Cast Limited, the Sales Forecasting Improvement company has been accepted onto the PwC Scale program.

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Dec 2018: 10Cast receives Salesforce ISV Partner Status

10Cast has been accepted as a Salesfoce ISV partner.  Having been through a thorough evaluation process we are pleased to have been welcomed into the Salesforce family.  

As a Salesforce partner we are able to provide off the shelf integration between Salesforce CRM and 10Cast, allowing seamless flow of information between the systems with a one hour implementation time from a managed App Exchange solution.

10Cast Limited, the Sales Forecasting Improvement company is now a Salesforce ISV Partner.

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March 2018: 10Cast raises £140,000 SEIS Funding

10Cast is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of SEIS funding with Angels Den. By achieving 165% of its target funding, 10Cast is set for the next phase of company development, moving from the proof of concept system to a commercial application.  

The funding will allow the core 10Cast machine learning platform, mobile apps and Salesforce integration to be created, with development targeted to be complete by January 2019.  The funding in exchange for 16.99% of the company equity values 10Cast at around £800,000. View the details of the funding round on the Angels Den website by clicking here.

I am incredibly excited at the opportunity raising this investment presents for 10Cast.  We are now in position to deliver a system that will help customers drive real value from their CRM systems through improved business processes and accurate forecasting. 

Andrew Sims


10Cast Limited, the Sales Forecasting Improvement company funds at 165% of target raising £140,00 with Angels Den!

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October 2017: 10Cast Wins place in Set Squared

10Cast Limited, the Sales Forecast improvement company wins a place in the Surrey Set Squared Incubator

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Having completed initial research and development, and created a proof of concept system that is exciting potential customers and investors, we are pleased to  have been granted a place in the Set Squared program.  

Details of this program can be found here.

April 2016: Sales Forecast Limited Incorporated

Sales Forecast Limited has been incorporated in the UK, formalising a company to commercialise sales forecast improvement research and development. 

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The founders of Sales Forecast are pleased to announce its incorporation as a UK company, "Sales Forecast Limited", as company number 10107184.  This step will enable us to develop our product offering and raise appropriate investment to allow our early research and development. 

Information on the company can now be found on the Companies House website  here.

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