10Cast Installation and Configuration for Salesforce

Welcome to 10Cast!  All the information you need to set-up and configure the 10Cast solution for your Salesforce Organisation is included on this page.  Please rest assured that if you encounter any issues, we are here to help.

There are four key stages to the installation and set-up of 10Cast for Salesforce. 

  1. Install 10Cast into your Salesforce organisation (Sandbox or Production)
  2. Configure "Deal Match" questions
  3. Set-up accounts for the users of the 10Cast App (iOS and Android)
  4. Provide your users with instructions for downloading the 10Cast App to their phone, and logging into the system for the first time
  • Step 1 - Install
  • Step 2 - Configure
  • Step 3 - User Accounts
  • Step 4 - Install App
    Install                                Configure                        Account Setup                               Install App

Step 4: Install on User Devices

10Cast is available on both Apple and Android devices.  Your users can download the App from the Apple Store, or from Google Play.  The android installer is also available here <Link>

4.1: Apple (iOS) Devices

  • On the device, open the "App Store" and search for 10Cast
  • Click on the 10Cast App to view details
  • Download and install on your device

4.2: Android Devices

  • You can download from the Google Play store, or directly to you device from this link:
  • Version 1.4: Download APK file

4.3: Open the Application and Log-In

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